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Festina lente is a book design studio created by Solomon Rino. We are available to publishers and individuals for contract book design. We offer copy editing, letterpress printing, cover and content design, and binding. We work with fine artists and photographers, have cultivated relationships with commercial printers and distributors, and can advise on marketing.

Festina lente utilizes traditional and contemporary methods to create balanced, elegant books. We make both special limited-editions and trade editions suitable for wider distribution. Limited-editions have been archived in special collections at The Green Library, Stanford University, The Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley, The San Francisco Public Library, and in private collections. Trade editions are included in university and public libraries throughout the country.

Rino apprenticed with world-renowned designer Jack W. Stauffacher, learning the fundamental elements of classical typography and letterpress printing. Rino also studied letterpress, typography and book arts with Emily McVarish and Coriander Reisbord at the California College of the Arts.

Festina lente renders books with unique nuance and integrity that honor the historical structure and function of the book. We are renowned for the quality of materials, typography, and overall design, and for making books that are ultimately a pleasure to hold in the hand.